Gulf Atlantic Claims Service is committed to delivering superior customer service with leading innovation in the heavy equipment claims industry.

Physical Damage

We are able to assist with physical damage losses to any type vehicle, machine, vessel, mobile home, emergency apparatus, etc. There is no job too small or too big for our office.

Desk Reviews

Is your company worried about claim expenses? Most companies are and Gulf-Atlantic Claims Service wants to help with this by reviewing your files. We can assist in completing a fair assessment of damages, obtaining a signed agreed price with the shop of the owners choosing and working with the vehicle owner to conclude their loss quickly. Being licensed in the Southeast and having working relationships with many shops gives you the client the upper hand. If we review your loss and find potential issues, we will notify you immediately and can even dispatch one of our adjusters or we can sublet the work to one of the many adjusters in our network. Ask Gulf-Atlantic Claims Servicehow we can help you save money and get your customer back on the road quickly.


Gulf-Atlantic Claims Service is your best choice for handling your cargo loss. We work with brokers throughout the world and have a long list of cargo buyers to help save our clients’ money. We have many cold storages in our network to help mitigate the cargo losses, while keeping your customers moving.


Gulf-Atlantic Claims Service has extensive experience in obtaining needed documentation and negotiating settlements with claimants and their attorneys. We also are experienced in handling fuel spills on land and water. We have many working relationships with environmental companies around the Southeast that are quick and fairly priced to handle these type losses. We look forward to assisting you with your next liability claim.


Are you paying high recovery fees for someone to chase your recovery? Our office handles subrogation upon request for a fair and reasonable expense. We determine if a party is responsible for the loss and approximately what their percentage of exposure may be. We evaluate all aspects to determine a fair liability exposure for our clients and recover the appropriate amount for their claims.

Title Work

Are you struggling to handle your title work? We have relationships with many title service companies around the Southeast. If we cannot help you with your title situation, we most likely know someone who can. Call and ask us how we can help you with your title work issues.

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