Gulf-Atlantic Claims Service Are Experts in the Field of Heavy Equipment and Tractor Trailer Accidents

We Are A Third-Party Administrator

Gulf-Atlantic provides operational services such as claims processing and management to other companies.

We offer 24 hour service for all cargo losses in Florida.

Our Services


Our network of skilled professional employees can perform detailed audits and virtual assignments throughout the South East United States.


We provide you with timely and accurate written appraisals of damages that is equitable to all parties involved. All appraisals are subject to our quality control check to ensure the policies are followed and aftermarket and LKQ parts are being utilized appropriately.


We are a full service adjusting firm which handles cradle to grave assignments, liability investigations and settlement and are also qualified as expert witnesses.


We have teamed up with and to take care of all of our salvage needs. We also have relationships with many buyers across the country and can solicit local salvage bids when requested. Interested in becoming a vetted buyer, contact our office for more information.


Our title clerk can quickly get any state title changed to a Salvage or Junk title on any claim we handle for you. We have partnered with vendors like Heavy Salvage and Florida Fast Title Service to assist in quick turnaround on these files.


Have a claim that needs some investigation? Our closest and most experienced staff will be assigned to your file to help provide an opinion on the cause of loss, work with police investigators on theft cases, complete scene inspections to get a better idea what happened along with finding qualified engineers when needed.


We have developed a very successful system to recovering money on claims by going after those at fault. We review and investigate all documentation and provide our opinion on the recover-ability of the claim file. We also are experienced in reviewing subrogation demands for accuracy and providing an opinion on what should be counter offered.


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